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Sézane On The Road


This winter season will welcome a new It Girl into town. Her name, Sézane. 

Directory is thrilled to be the recruitment partner for this fast-growing cult label from France. After successful launches which have seen queues down the block (really) in Paris and New York, Sézane's campaign 'Sézane On The Road' will be moving into South Molton Street from October to December 2017.

Sézane is vintage-inspired, understated feminine pieces that are easy to wear - from loose silk shirts and flippy floral skirts to embroidered white T-shirts and pretty dresses, while also being the first French label to launch an online store only. This is one reason the Pop Up shops have been such a raving success. It's an opportunity for existing fans of the label and newcomers to immerse themselves into the well-curated vision of founder Morgane Sezalory.

So what does it take to become a Sézane insider? Here is an excerpt from an interview with Harper's Bazaar with the label's founder, Morgane Sezalory. "I always say to my staff the same thing my mum told me when I was young - treat others as you would be treated," she says. "The same goes for hosting - host how you would want to be hosted. It's very important to me that the woman feels well considered and well treated. We want her to feel good in our clothes and in our store."

As the recruitment partner for this project, we took our inspiration from the above quote to search for candidates who are more like friends and hosts. Being able to share the brand story while providing customer service is what has resulted in the success of sales and sold out pieces both online and through the physical stores.

For Sézane partnering with Directory took out a lot of administration hassles. Every business owner knows with the tightening of EU laws that it's not just a matter of setting up shop for a period of time and leaving. Sézane prides themselves on being ethical employers. With the recruitment handled by Directory we conducted the search and set up each of the hires so the very necessary but boring administration and onboarding and eligibility to work went through the expertise of our office. 

As the world becomes one large marketplace, this is just one of the many ways brands and recruitment agencies can work together in new ways to deliver customer experience regardless of location.

For more Sézane On The Road Pop Up in London, you can follow the label on Instagram @sezane and find more about the jobs available at Directory on our Instagram @directory_group.