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Academic Acquisitions: Investing In The Future Of Fashion

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Academic Acquisitions: Investing In The Future Of Fashion


Paris McGarr, formerly from Harrods, overseas set up at the Met University Job Fair

A commitment to excellence in talent acquisition isn’t just about the pool of talent an agency has on its roster currently. It’s about being future focused and spotting new talent as it’s in the stages of developing. For the Directory team, this means annual participation at job fairs and open career days at key learning institutions to onboard new talent, spot the stars of tomorrow and build relationships with up and coming fashion professionals.

​Early onboarding = relationship building. Just as Isabella Blow unearthed the likes of Alexander McQueen, (she purchased his entire graduation collection for £5,000 and placing it in the window of Browns Focus) and John Galliano while they were still students or new graduates, the fast-changing landscape of the fashion industry has the equivalent of those bright stars in their classrooms now. The idea is to look beyond the obvious. Connecting with students who have dreams of being digital directors, buyers, brand and creative directors or social media strategists. No luxury brand can thrive without these key roles in today's digital world.

Michael Kors always speaks about the importance of starting his career on the retail shop floor. The designer now regularly uses social media and asks direct questions to his followers on Instagram about design options they like and don’t like. The conversation is now two way, and the feedback immediate. This is a message the Directory team always impart to the students they meet on career days and as they present as guest speakers to specific classes at GCU, LCF, UAL amongst other learning institutions focussed on fashion careers. The shop floor is the front line of customer service and knowing what the customer is looking for. This unique but often overlooked access to the customer makes customer service representatives the most potent people in any organisational structure of a fashion brand.

The commitment to building community with schools such as Univesity Arts London and Glasgow Caledonian University is to marry art and commerce and bring that intel back to our clients. Informing our clients on what the needs of the students of today are so they can better plan and structure everything from peak season trade to hiring over the summer holidays. As lifestyles change and students understand their employment opportunities are no longer wishing and hoping to be chosen by a brand, but their power to choose a brand back as their employer of choice, is why our Academic Acquisitions campaign is such a potent value add.
The Directory Team at this year's Job Fair at Central Saint Martins, UAL

If you’re an employer and you’re looking to learn more about key areas of study to connect with the talent of tomorrow, today, if you’re a student looking to take the first step towards your career in luxury retail or if you are interested in having our team come and speak to your class about the options they have in fashion industry - contact the team at Directory

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