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Beyond Recruitment: Directory x Sézane

Retail, Fashion Retail, Pop-up, Fashion, French Chic, Sézane, London, Handbags, Visual Display,

Earlier this year Directory partnered with chic French online lifestyle brand Sézane.
A brief came in to recruit the core sales team for the London Pop Up which is now open on South Molton Street. Sézane is the brainchild of Morgane Sezalory, which came to life due to a mixture of opportunity (the internet) and need (income). She has in a very short time, built the brand to cult status.

As Sézane continues to grow into an ‘It Girl’ must have brand, embodying all that is quintessentially cool about what the world has come to associate with effortless French chic, so has the demand from it’s loyal fans to interface with the brand. Which is where Sézane On The Road comes in. Currently with beautiful well-appointed spaces in both Paris and New York, a mini version of The Apartment, as it’s known, has popped up in London’s shopping district.

As recruitment changes rapidly, and the internet becomes more potent to find top talent, Directory has expanded to diversify our offering to our clients, existing and new. The partnership with Sézane is a perfect example of this. The question the team asked was “how can we become a full-service provider, beyond recruitment?”
And that is how the Directory Brand Partnerships service was born.

Directory co-founder Younus Desai worked directly with Adèle Deschamps, head of projects for Sézane to recruit the core sales team. Beyond that, as a French retailer who didn’t have their business set up in the UK, Directory became a key business partner to ensure payroll for Sézane was set up according to UK laws without delay. Furthermore, working with Directory, where the team comes from a background in retail, meant understanding what it takes to set up the shop from bare walls to launch day. The Directory team worked as project managers and key points of contact from shop build and fit, inventory delivery and stocking, to market research & setting up the Paris based team with a home base for the duration of their stay. Finding accommodation for the team meant a lot of the budget could be saved inexpensive hotels and used in a more cohesive manner allocated to operations and marketing. Having an in-depth partnership with Directory allowed for the brand to have a team on the ground working towards their launch while they were negotiating other projects and roles before arriving in London. The local expertise and resources are invaluable service adds for a brand that lives outside the market or exclusively online.

As the fashion industry finds new ways to explore emerging markets for their brands, the team at Directory became invaluable end-to-end partners in launching the Pop-Up. Beyond the beautiful, light and airy aesthetic of the Pop Up which makes visitors want to move in, is a lot of the not-so-glamourous yet necessary nuts and bolts of setting up a short-term brick and mortar shop. Who is the best internet provider in London? Where can you get a locksmith and handy-man in 24 hours? As basic as these questions can be for someone in the market, it’s a foreign world for out of town brands. Directory’s Brand Partnerships programme literally bridges that gap and assists with local integration with half as many headaches and stress points. We don’t just sell customer service roles in the fashion sector, we sell customer service. 

If you are interested more in learning about Directory and Brand Partnerships, contact us for more information, Email:


If you’re in London, be sure to stop in and check out the Sezane Pop Up located at 20 South Molton Steet, W1K 5QY. The closest tube station is Bond Street, on the Jubilee line. They will be there until 23 December 2017. 


Images via Facebook @sezaneparisworld