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Why Hiring Through A Recruitment Agency Is Still Relevant

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Why Hiring Through A Recruitment Agency Is Still Relevant


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As we kick off the New Year and all of us collectively jump on some version of the “New Year, New Me” resolution bandwagon, changing jobs or aligning our dreams closer with how we earn our money is always in the top five.

Quite often these resolutions fall by the wayside as our credit card bills come in at the end of January and we fall back into a rut. One of the ways to deal with career stagnation is to connect with a recruiter. The relevance of recruitment agencies often comes into question as companies create internal talent resourcing teams and social media has become a way to find fresh talent and for talent to connect with their potential employers. Technology has played a large role in making it easier than ever for candidates to apply for roles directly to employers.

So how is it that recruitment agencies are actually growing? One key factor, relationships.
One thing internal recruitment teams, social media and technology still haven’t mastered, is knowledge specific expertise and the relationships that have been built within those sectors between recruiters and hiring managers.

Directory is a perfect example of this. Both Javid Pathan, Head of Temp. Division and Younus Desai Head of Perm. Division comes with over two decades of relationships with senior decision makers within the luxury retail sector because they have all worked retail before diversifying.

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Here are five advantages a recruiter can bring to a candidate and client and why anyone looking to make a move or evolve their career would be wise to choose a recruiter as part of their career building plan.


  1. Extended Network: Recruiters are well-connected humans. People are their business. A recruiters life is quite entrepreneurial so they are used to thinking outside the box and finding fresh ways of finding new talent. This is often why an internal recruitment team will often connect with an agency.

  2. Cost Efficient: The reason the saying “Time is money” is a saying is because it’s true. A recruiter can distil a candidate to present to a client because they deal with candidates not applicants. The take away is clients are receiving a pre-selected list of the top talent where the first stage of editing is done for them. This saves time which in turns saves money.

  3. Even as companies have their own websites with vacancies, not all jobs are posted. Brands will leverage their network before posting a specific job, this is especially true for Head Office roles or emerging roles within existing departments. Recruiters, however, know all the roles that are on offer, so even if you’re going up for one role, your recruiter may know of a better fit for your skill set and present you for a role you knew nothing about.

  4. Sector Expertise: As a candidate, building a proactive relationship with your recruiter can be the equivalent of having a career coach. A recruiter can provide you with honest feedback before you get to the interview stage. Candidates can also receive insider tips on where to upskill and how to best present themselves for their interviews because the recruiter will know the person they will be interviewing with.

  5. Seasonal Planning: This goes both ways, for clients and candidates. With seasonal hires comes a lot of stress for the client. Candidates, especially those who are currently studying or recently graduated are so engrossed in academia that when crunch time comes, so does a lot of stress. Being available for seasonal work before the need for it will ensure a recruiter presents you with the most ideal options that fit into a candidate’s schedule. For clients, the dialogue can start months in advance and there is a great deal of peace of mind knowing when extra staff is needed, there is a talent pool to choose from.


If you are a client or candidate looking to explore how Directory can be your partner in your job search or as your company’s extended hiring team, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you! Email