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To Temp Or Not To Temp?

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To Temp Or Not To Temp?


Photo by Igor Ovsyannykov on Unsplash

You’re fresh out of graduation, armed with all your theoretical credentials and zero work experience, or you’re looking to pivot from one career to another but still need income. As a recent graduate, on paper, you’re the next big thing to match your next big thing dreams to make it in the world of fashion. As someone looking to segue your career into fashion but you come from hospitality or finance or any other field except for fashion, you both hit the same glitch.  You have no experience and no one will hire you because you have no experience. How do you turn this roadblock into a bump in the road that catapults you towards your goals?
Two words: Temp Work. Here are five benefits of becoming a temp worker and how you can make it work to fit your long-term career goals.
  1. Balance: As a student, books and studying have been your life. Entering the workforce towards your dream job as a temp is a great way to re-introduce balance into your world. As a new graduate fighting burnout is key to long-term success. As a temp, you’re in control of how much you want to work. Leaving you time to rediscover interests and reconnect with relationships that had to take a back seat in place of studying, exams and writing papers and doing projects. 
  2. Competitive Edge: Retail jobs regularly rank third on all job sites, making them harder to get a foot in the door with an average of 47 applications per job. Working with a recruitment agency like Directory gives candidates the competitive edge required to make it to an interview with a hiring manager. The team at Directory guides each qualified candidate through the process to ensure best results. Recruiters have the relationships and set candidates up for success. This makes the relationship win/win.
  3. Experience: Gaining on the job the experience through temping is the fastest way to build up your CV. At Directory, our candidates often want to work 5 days a week. This is possible because our temp division can place candidates between two brands. The bonus, you’re working consistently and building experience on your resumé with more than one company. If you’re thinking strategically about your career, which you should be, this method of gaining experience is a no-brainer.
  4. Training and Skills: Retail jobs provide comprehensive training. Especially in the luxury sector. Legacy brands such as Dior, Chanel, Balenciaga ensure every single sales consultant representing the brand understand the history, the present and future of the brand. Temp work also provides direct access to managers and senior level team members. This is a prime opportunity to network and stand out in a very saturated arena. 
  5. Upward Mobility: By practising steps 1-4 any temp worker will be set up for upward mobility. At Directory, the agency consistently places candidates who began their career and relationship with the agency as a temp and then get hired into permanent roles. From there we have had candidates go on to hold positions in senior management at some of the most well-known luxury brands where they have moved to different cities and countries.  As recruiters, the candidate success is the agency success!

Photo by Berwin Coroza on Unsplash