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Met Gala: Halos & Headdresses


Image Credit: Getty Images

This year’s Met Gala theme Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination brought out both spectacular and spectacle making headpieces. Has there ever been a Met Gala where an accessory has been such an integral part of the dress code? And while some seemed to be reaching for the heavens with their sky-high halos and headdresses, some opted for a more demure yet equally sanctimonious way to celebrate at the alter of the Vatican in Vogue.

This years theme was important in showcasing accessories designers, milliners as well as some celebrity hairdressers who whipped up last minute impromptu halos for their clients. As a former stylist who has dressed many a red carpet event including eight years of Met Gala clientele, it’s an important yet often overlooked collaboration. With so much focus on the dresses, it’s an exciting time to see the behind the scenes teams take centre stage with the help of social media. Some of the most gobbled up content is of celebrities prepping for the red carpet via Instagram Stories and Live. Whether its Eva Chen and her Instagram tea ordering in bubble team to the Carlyle Hotel or the state of the art facials delivered to the hotel rooms of models, actresses and pop stars to prep the skin for a long night, the hair, makeup and skin is now, as important as the forever dominating dress.  We only need to pick up the latest issue of BOF’s The Business Of Beauty to read about the multi-facted world of the $500 billion global beauty industry to see why skin is in. As the centerpiece for many adorned heads, I sent out a call to action to the Directory team and here are their favourites from the night widely known as The Oscar’s of Fashion. 

Image Credits: Instagram @peopletalkru

If ever there was a Met Gala theme waiting to catch up to those praying at the church of Madonna for the last 3 plus decades it was this one. The undisputed Queen of Pop wore Jean Paul Gaultier while Rihanna proves her commitment to the theme with a Papal tiara courtesy of Maison Margiela. 

Image Credits: Instagram @peopletalkru

Cardi B was channeling where Beyoncé has already been with her Madonna-like baby bump and matching halo designed by her date for the evening, designer Jeremy Scott. Meanwhile her rumoured nemesis, Nicki Minaj wore a dress and headpiece by Oscar de la Renta. The singer said she opted for the more sinful side of the theme and we agree the devil is in the details. The two rappers nearly broke the internet as they were seen in conversation and taking selfies. It seems where these to ladies are concerned, confessions were made and all is forgiven. If not forever, then for now.

Image Credits: Instagram @peopletalkru

Met Gala veteran Sarah Jessica Parker arrived in Dolce and Gabbana with a nativity scene on her head. She definitely was berated for her look but we have to give her props for always delivering on the drama. A Directory wide favourite was Cara Delevingne. The model & actress wore Christian Dior and the entire team felt she epitomised what it meant to interpret a theme with her beaded veil and lattice dress. Two design details that commonly show up in religious paintings and Catholicism. She kept the focus on fashion and brought a modern feel to her outfit with her splash of pink hair and golden eye and ear makeup.

Image Credits: Instagram @peopletalkru

The angelic beauty of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was perfectly encapsulated with her simple gold halo. The new mother showcased how gold is never old. With classic makeup on her dewy skin, she struck a striking figure. Actress Blake Lively wore a Versace dress so big she had to take a party bus to the event. Her halo was a perfect collaboration of fashion & hair stylist. Hairstylist Rod Ortega created the romantic loose & textured updo which served as the foundation for her glamorous crown of thorns. 

Image Credits: Instagram @peopletalkru

Priyanka Chopra opted to continue her relationship with Ralph Lauren and proved why this blockbuster Bollywood beauty is such a hit in North America. The Quantico star wore a handcrafted hood made of Swarovski crystals which perfectly aligned her with the Heavenly Bodies theme while bringing her Indian culture into the mix with her hand beaded velvet dress which was made in her homeland. While the star was on my worst dressed list last year with her trench coat dress, this year she’s easily my top pick for best dressed. Rounding off the bridal veiled look was actress Kate Bosworth who looked angelic in her Oscar de la Renta gown. It was widely reported she ended up paying homage to her own wedding look but the styling of her hair and porcelain skin placed her well in the pews of Catholic couture.

One thing the Directory team did agree on - this year's Met Gala felt like it yielded a stronger best-dressed list than many years prior. As brands and retailers such as Selfridges explore what is the meaning of luxury with their current experience called Flipside, we can all agree it’s delightful to see so much craft work crowning these stunning couture gowns. 
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