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Pop Goes The Shop

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Pop Goes The Shop

comic, pop, cartoon, pow

Did you know Pop Up shops are now a $50 billion dollar industry? No wonder everyone you know is popping up in every nook and cranny. The trend of opening up spaces for short-term sales first started in Los Angeles but the practice of pop-ups dates back to 1920’s Vienna.

Today - brands use pop up shops for collaborations, new product drops, building brand awareness and to fight against the much talked about the retail apocalypse. Spaces that will run for a limited time allow luxury and premium retailers to deviate from their strict brand guidelines and introduce and entice a new customer to their brand.

Pop Up shops also bring a grassroots feel to a brand that can feel a little out of reach. Especially in the luxury sector, customers are very loyal to their handful of brands. A pop up often incorporates a specific creative direction which makes the experience an event. An example of this is the growing trend of luxury becoming more streetwear focussed. Lamyland at Selfridges drew crowds and customers during the popup where Michele Lamy, wife of Rick Owens turned the space into a boxing ring. Originally pitched to her as a jewellery collection, Lamy who is by all accounts a force of nature, turned it into her love of boxing and art. Collaborations featured products from Versace, Nike, Off-White and Stephen Jones. Shoppers could pick up anything from boxing equipment to fragrances. 

Photo credit: Theodore Uriah

Another successful pop up which recently ended at the now renowned ‘corner shop’ of Selfridges was the Rolling Stones collaboration. The goal was for die-hard fans to be able to pick up collectables but also to introduce the band to a much younger audience, many of whom who have grandparents who were the bands first fans!

Knightsbridge retailer Harvey Nichols has been going through a series of updates to restore the retailer back to it’s 90’s glory days of being the place to shop in London for contemporary fashion. Having an exclusive with Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty, the retailer is taking the Moroccan Spice collection on the road. Starting at London’s Kings Cross Station and moving on to Glasgow, Nottingham and Belfast throughout July. Strategically, taking the collection on the road brings Rihanna to the people which has always been her appeal. In return, Harvey Nichols creates a lot more brand awareness with clients who may have never considered them both offline and online.

Directory currently has multiple positions for an exciting opportunity with a luxury retailer who will be popping up in Selfridges Corner Shop from September 3rd - 24th, with new recruits onboarding from 28th of August. The following positions are open:

  • Full-Time Customer Service / Sales Associates
  • Full-Time Greeters / Hosts
  • Stock Runners
  • Gift Wrappers 

Uniforms will be provided by the designer brand. If you or someone you know is looking for an amazing opportunity to be a part of a retail experience that will be the talk of summer in Central London, contact the Directory team today. Email or Please use Pop-up Shop in the subject line.