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Mandarin Speakers: The Must Have For Luxury Brands

#girl #reddress #asiangirl #mandarin #shorthair #profile #fashionmodel

As luxury brands release the ‘It’ bag and ‘It’ shoe each season, what is their internal ‘It’ must-have to win at the high stakes game to grab consumer dollars at check out? Not surprising at all, it’s not an ‘It’ anything but a ‘Who’. That who is the experienced, customer service-centric Mandarin-speaking sales associate. 

A 2015 study conducted by Bain & Company reported Chinese consumers accounted for 31% of all global luxury purchases, followed by Americans at 24% and Europeans at 18%. It’s no secret that wealthy Chinese households have always been an articulated marketing and sales target for luxury brands. But as what is known as the ‘second-tier’ wealthy middle-class population grows, studies show this demographic spends much of their disposable income on luxury goods. It’s a very visual way of showing off their new-found and growing status. With a growing middle class that consists of over 500 million people, luxury brands cannot overlook this customer base.

At Directory, there is an increasing demand for Mandarin speaking sales associates. London is an international destination on par with Paris and New York for the fashion-minded customer who likes to shop for their luxury goods in cities known for their luxury fashion houses. Luxury shopping is an experience. For the international Chinese shopper, 60% of their luxury shopping purchases are made of the mainland in foreign countries.  Two primary reasons drive overseas purchases: ensuring the authenticity of goods and pricing. Counterfeit luxury is a huge business, especially in China. Customers want to know they are buying the real deal. Also, it is widely known that prices tend to be much higher when bought on the mainland due to taxes, import duties and constantly increasing labour costs.

One of the advantages of being a boutique agency is the ability to create new initiatives to serve the changing landscape of what luxury fashion clients are looking for. Directory is pleased to announce as London attracts more international students choosing one of the many renowned schools to study fashion, as well as a diverse population within the retail sector, the agency will now be providing blog posts and job descriptions in Mandarin. The agency has brought on a specialist consultant to assure skills and qualifications are clearly communicated and of course, all candidates must have the right to live and work in the UK as well as be fluent in verbal and written English. 

One of the reasons Directory is targeting a younger candidate is that 45% of Chinese luxury customers are 35 years old or younger. This staggering figure is approximately 14 years younger than their European counterparts and a whopping 25 years younger than the American luxury customer.  Known within the industry as ‘Generation 2’, the growing demographic of the luxury Chinese customer is expected to be aged 25-30 within the next couple of years. Brands have to be able to meet the demands of this customer group as they walk through their doors and provide them with service that feels organic and intuitive. 

Directory will be showcasing how globalisation and increasing wealth in developing countries is driving a demand for a more diverse talent pool. If you’re a Mandarin speaker who is also fluent in English and looking to work in luxury retail or if you’re a luxury brand looking to increase your sales staff with Mandarin speakers, contact the agency to explore opportunities. 
​Email for all PERMANENT staffing/retail needs and for all TEMPORARY staffing/retail requirements.