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Drop It Like It's Hot

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Drop It Like It’s Hot


Image via: Selfridge

We’ve all come to know of the frenzy around streetwear brands when they release a new sneaker.  Quite often brands like Yeezy and Nike will sell out before they hit the shelves, with avid sneakerheads and collectors having no problem queuing up days in advance to get their hands on the latest limited edition to add to their growing collection. 

Taking a page from the streetwear brands and then placing it on steroids is cult luxury brand Balenciaga. A brand that has been able to pivot to capture the imagination and income of the millennial consumer. Last week Balenciaga launched its Track sneaker which is available in four colourways, exclusively at The Corner Shop in Selfridges. Leading up to the launch, the world famous department store created a dedicated website for customers to be able to pre-order the it shoe for 2018. The pre-order is rumored to have sold out although Selfridges and Balenciaga haven’t confirmed this urban luxury myth.

Image via: Highsnobiety

If you’re in London and looking to get your hands on a pair of the £550 pair of trainers, they are available for an in person see, touch, feel until 23 September. However, in true luxury style, guests will have to register online to pre-book a slot - a strategic move by both Balenciaga and Selfridges to avoid long queues. While there, be sure to check out the haunting installation by artist Mark Jenkins. The American artist was commissioned to build 18 statues all sporting the now must have hoodies and tees in a series of varying postures and sizes. The brand has been able to work with Selfridges to curate a retail experience that marries style and substance. Successfully taking the DNA of the product drop from streetwear brands while injecting it with luxury status style.

The project was another successful Brand Partnership activation with Directory, who worked with the Balenciaga team to resource the month-long staffing requirements. With the brand making custom uniforms, the challenge was to find candidates who had steady availability for the duration of the Pop-Up and didn’t have challenges of full-time studies or conflicting schedules with other entrepreneurial projects. As with all Brand Partnerships, candidates selected for special projects are invited to stay on with the agency once they have a proven positive track record with brands. 

A special project, the nature of The Corner Shop project enables candidates to learn about Balenciaga, as well as get to know the culture of Selfridges. It provides a once in a lifetime opportunity to stand out with key decision makers and get a foot in the world of a promising retail career while being part of something special. 

If you’re a candidate looking for unique retail opportunities or a brand wanting to activate on a special project contact the Directory leadership team today. Email or