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#rave #party #laser #lights #silhouette

When you’re part of an international travel posse knows as The Flight Club, you better have some shoes that can take a beating while maintaining high levels of babe factor. As Directory’s compass who keeps the ship on course (ie: Office Manager), Rajni Chovhan is jotting down a little something from Dior.  The Dior Unit ankle boot, £1150 should see her through for all her 2019 travels. When I asked Rajni about her selection she told me that she likes that it’s the perfect mix of chic and badass. Like anyone who is in charge of managing a group of different people, she also likes the “sturdy rubber sole” saying it makes for a nearly perfect shoe for exploring the cobbled stoned streets of Europe. Look out for Rajni at a number of festivals in Spring and Summer next year when she plans on pairing her new Dior boots with floaty dresses.