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New Year, Same You?

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New Year, Same You?

#stairs #people #movement

As we head into the second week of 2019 and juggling our post-holiday blues becomes easier, and the motivation of “New Year, New Me!” which was all over the internet last week already begins to wane, how are we to make positive changes that stick?

Needless to say, we’ve all seen the countless articles and posts about why resolutions don’t work. It doesn’t stop us being bombarded by all the fitness gods and goddesses on Instagram who are motivating mere mortals like me and you to work out, buy a membership to their fitness programme, sign up for a newsletter or drink some skinny detoxing tea to be your best self this year. Or the plethora of hacks from founders who share their secret to success to be more productive and start or grow their business in 2019.

As resolutions give way to intentions and goals, a change in what we call it isn’t what makes us capable of implementing positive change. Instead, studies have shown, macro changes lead to greater success than micro changes. Thinking long game provides an individual with a map of what to do rather than short bursts of motivation that are lead by social media and fizzle out when the next posting trend hits or algorithms change.

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What can job seekers, new graduates, those transitioning from work and teams do to have greater success? It’s about collaboration and inventory. Mapping out your long-term goals and breaking them down into smaller pieces permits teams and individuals to see the larger picture while implementing tactics for steps to achieve them. Whether it’s professional goals or personal goals of wellness and maintaining optimal mental health as the pressures of a new year begin to take shape, here are some easy tips to get you started. 

  1. Morning Ritual: create a healthy morning ritual that doesn’t involve picking up your mobile and scrolling social media or checking your emails. It can be as simple as making tea, a divine ritual in many Eastern cultures and strongly linked to a Zen lifestyle. Go for a run, meditate, or simply close your eyes and breathe with intention before the day begins. Creating a healthy morning ritual is often cited as one of the key factors for many of the worlds leading entrepreneurs. 

  2. Write Things Down: our phones have become our personal assistants in many ways. They track our steps, vibrate and buzz reminding us to be somewhere, house our notes and to-do lists, but writing things down in a physical diary is still preferred by many. As tapping replaces writing, it’s a good way to keep your penmanship alive and there just seems to be something about putting pen to paper which helps connect the brain with what needs to be done. Keep your book open to the page housing your list during the day so you can track your time management. 

  3. Declutter: your home, your desk, your handbag or rucksack. Clearing space physically that we interface with daily is a great hack to stay focussed and feel more organised. Yes, certain people thrive in chaos, but the general public performs much better in a calm and clean space. We can’t all be Picasso, but we can enjoy his mad genius in a calm space.

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  1. Pick A Good Ally:  ally comes from the Latin word “to bind to”. This year, do things differently. Rather than have a work wife or work husband that you whinge to, pick an ally who will push you to work to your potential, see things differently and move closer to reaching your potential. As we continue to figure out if there is such a thing as work/life balance, upending your allies in life and leaving toxic team mates behind is one of the healthiest moves to make both professionally and personally.

  2. Delegate: delegation only seems scary to those who struggle with team work. Identify your strengths and weaknesses individually and as a team (be honest!) and then negotiate where certain things can be shifted so the team goal becomes a reality and individually you’re able to execute and enjoy your days!

If you want to discuss career mapping for your retail teams or are a candidate looking for work and trying to figure out how to get one step closer to your dream job, contact our team today to discuss different ways to work and earn an income to achieve your short-term and long-term goals.