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Cleaning Up Your CV For 2019 

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Cleaning Up Your CV For 2019


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Let’s face it, no one is thinking of re-doing their CV in October when the holiday calendar officially kicks off with Halloween. And kiss any notions of career planning out the window when December is all bubbly and nights out. Now that we are well into 2019, it’s not too late to update your CV. 

While we are looking to shed our lives of social media accounts that no longer align with who we are or make us feel good, friendships we’ve outgrown, pounds we’ve put on having one too many mince pies, your CV needs the same kind of TLC. 


Just like fashion, CV’s also go through style trends. Here are five tips to clean up your CV to set you up feeling confident when sending out applications to recruiters or employers to present your best self.

  1. Education: Directory has a lot of fashion graduates in the talent roster. The first thing any graduate should do is update their education section. If you’re currently enrolled in studies, update a semester or term you’ve completed and note down your graduation date.

  2.  Re-order: Put yourself in the eyes of a hiring manager or recruiter. Does the order of your CV make sense? If you are currently still enrolled in studies, list your education first. If you have graduated, and have work experience volunteering, interning or a part-time job you had while studying, list your work experience first. Employers are looking to hire you for work, which means your work experience is their number one priority.

  3. Professional Summary: This is often the first bit of written content on a CV. It should pack a punch. Anyone who is in charge of filtering CV’s has read a thousand of them reading how hardworking, driven and loyal someone is or that they have an incredible work ethic. This is actually a yawn for recruiters and hiring managers. Get specific. Be bold in your statement and make it a mix between the value you will bring to a company and what you would like to learn from the company. 

  4. Style: invest in a CV where graphic design becomes part of the content. Your CV is a document that communicates who you are. The way it looks says something about you. If you’re applying for a creative role, the style of your CV should reflect that. Reconsider updating, colours, fonts and layout so it is aligned with a modern and streamlined look. You no longer have to be a graphics whiz to do this. Companies like Loft Resumes will write your resume for you, you just pick a template and give them all the information. Canva offers layouts that are both free and premium. No more excuses for a wordy CV in 2019!

  5. Edit your content: Go through your CV and update and edit your content. This includes the header! Put on your Anna Wintour cap and go through the document with a fine-toothed comb. Ensure the contact information is correct. Include social media handles, this shows a recruiter you know they will check and that you’re forthcoming with the information. If you’ve done odd jobs while studying, don’t list the job's duties for that job but what you learned that will relate to the job you’re applying for.

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Your CV is a document that represents your professional self before someone can meet you. Keep it to one page whenever possible, maximum two pages. Use a font that is easy to read and if you’re going for colour, choose contrasting colours that are easy to read. Write your summary in a personal tone and voice so your personality shines through. If you’re working with a recruiter, it’s best to submit a CV in Word so recruiters can format it into their company template and send out to potential employers. If you are looking for feedback or want to know how to best write or update your CV, contact Directory for a CV audit. Email and good luck with your job search!