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Lets's Get Personal

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Let’s Get Personal

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As automation becomes the new normal in many industries, recruitment isn’t immune to the advances of technology. Machine learning drastically cuts down on time consuming jobs such as job descriptions. Other tools are used to source, screen and schedule candidates. All this might leave anyone in the recruitment field feeling they will be automated out of work, but in truth, quite the opposite is reality. Technological advances are enabling recruiters to do what they do best - connect with candidates. Because now, a lot of the admin work is off their weekly to do list.

Knowing this, how does a candidate stand out from all the pre-screening and auto-scheduling? After speaking to Javid Pathan and Younus Desai of Directory along with recruiters in the fashion industry at luxury and premium brands, one piece of collateral came up consistently. The cover letter. If you thought it was a relic, think again! The cover letter is an easy way to cut through automation and make a much needed personal letter. It doesn’t even need a CV attached these days. Recruiters said candidates who wrote a cover letter saying they applied online for a specific role but wanted to send a cover letter to share some insight into their personalities automatically stood out to them. 

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If you’re job hunting now, here are five tips to make your cover letter the MVP of your application:
  1. Personality - the number one advantage of a cover letter is it allows for your personality to shine through. This is the perfect way to entice the reader into looking at your resume. Use this a selling point to describe your special skills and talents that directly link to the job you’re applying for. 
  2. Leading edge - with automated online applications - the cover letter demonstrates you’re willing to go the extra step and shows the recruiter you’re potentially more interested than others for the particular job. Take it a step further by doing the research and personalising the cover letter to the hiring manager. 
  3. Creative - whereas a CV or online application is factual, the cover letter is creative. This is the perfect space to add some flair to demonstrate your interest, insights and experience for the role you’re applying for. The type of cover letter that stands out the most to recruiters in 2019 is one that isn’t too formal and feels more like a conversation. Recruiters are professional connecters. So if you can communicate clearly in a conversational way through a cover letter, you will successfully cut through the ample applicants.
  4. Commitment - a cover letter essentially shows you are serious about the role you’ve applied for. The copy you write can be used to share a bit why this role is appealing to you and inspire the recruiter to consider at least calling you in to meet you.
  5. Strength - let’s face it - we don’t always have the experience we need for a job until we have some experience working. With so many fashion students applying for work during summer break - a cover letter supports a weak CV. Go the extra mile to call out your lack of experience if you’re a fresher and you’ll be sure to make an impression on the recruiter. It demonstrates self-awareness which is one of the most highly sought after yet hard to find soft skills.

Our future of further integrating with AI and emerging technologies is inevitable. Rather than retreat into screens, studies prove humans are still seeking human to human connection. As our work lives deep dive into new tools, something as a cover letter could land you your first job, your next job or your dream job. And that is a  good reason to get personal.