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Sima Kumar

Sima Kumar

A rich fashion and marketing background distinguishes Sima as a contributor. Early in her career, Sima moved off the shop floor of Harvey Nichols, where she first met Directory founders Younus Desai & Javid Pathan, after multiple high profile requests for her styling services. She went on to enjoy a fashion and celebrity styling career spanning two decades in her native Canada and in the United States where she worked with some of the worlds most well-known artists, actors and models. She was the stylist and contributor for Fashion Magazine’s Market and Score pages where she shared trend forecasting for both high and low fashion and has contributed to publications such as GQ, Elle Canada, Vice, Audrey, Men’s Fitness and many more.


A move back to the UK in 2014 saw Sima working as the International Market Director for Canadian brand Kit and Ace as they set up shop in London. There she worked as the gatekeeper of the brand and executed numerous successful brand initiatives introducing an unknown label to the tough London market. In 2016 Sima moved on to work as the Director of Marketing for Sequoia funded AI startup Mad Street Den. She introduced the company to multiple luxury brands with strategy and brand messaging bridging the gap of AI to luxury fashion. Currently, Sima is the CEO of communications consultancy, Department Of New, a company that wrote the Directory website. She continues to bring her deep knowledge of retail, fashion, fashion technology, social media and branding to Directory by sharing blog posts and social media strategy that inspires and educates readers with easily actionable tips to build their aspirations into fulfilling careers.


Sima is also a 500 + hours certified yoga teacher and is launching Sima Says a lifestyle site that will hold all her projects and businesses under one umbrella in February 2018. You can follow her on Instagram @simakumar and Twitter @simakumar. If you want to connect with her in person, your best chance is finding her walking through Hampstead Heath in NW London or wandering through the many art galleries in London.